Medical News Today: Alzheimer’s linked to unsaturated fatty acids in the brain

While it is not yet clear what causes Alzheimer’s disease, researchers are examining a variety of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle causes. New research examines some of the key brain regions involved in the development of Alzheimer’s and finds several fatty acids to be associated with this form of dementia. (March 22, 2017) Read the full […]

Medical News Daily: Sleep apnea in children may stunt brain development

A recent study set out to investigate the effect of sleep apnea on the brains of 7- to 11-year-olds. In total, 16 children with obstructive sleep apnea were evaluated at the University of Chicago’s pediatric sleep laboratory. All children underwent neurocognitive tests and were scanned using MRI. Read the full article here

Psychology Today: Impact of traumatic stress on brain development

Traumatic stress impacts the developing brains of males and females differently, according to a new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine and the Early Life Stress and Pediatric Anxiety Program. (March 20, 2017) Read the full article here

Huffington Post: Why smart people don’t multitask

You may have heard that multitasking is bad for you, but new studies show that it kills your performance and may even damage your brain. Every time you multitask you aren’t just harming your performance in the moment; you may very well be damaging an area of your brain that’s critical to your future success […]

Give your brain permission to unwind

Give your brain permission to unwind Wrap up your day — Take five minutes to capture any loose ends on your to-do list and calendars. This can help reassure your brain that it does not need to keep scanning to remember these tasks.  Practice “going neutral” during the day — Set a reminder to cue yourself […]

NPR: Meditation, Nutrition, Fitness: One ‘party school’ tries to tame the college brain

Dr. Jim Hudziak, a pediatric neuropsychiatrist at UVM’s Medical School, started the program about two years ago. His message is clear: Take good care of your young mind. “The most critical part of the brain, for paying attention, for regulating your emotions, for making good decisions, has not even been organized yet,” he says, talking […]

Health Day: Staying socially active nourishes the aging brain

Socializing with lots of relatives and friends may help you stay mentally sharp as you age, a new report co-sponsored by AARP finds. “It’s not uncommon for our social networks to shrink in size as we get older,” said Marilyn Albert, professor of neurology and director of cognitive neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. […]