Tip of the Day

Nutrition, Stress and the Brain

Eating your daily dose of fruits and vegetables could help relieve some of your stress. Researchers from the University of Sydney found that moderate daily fruit and vegetable consumption is associated with lower rates of psychological stress. Source: News Medical

Meditation offers brain benefits

Meditation offers brain benefits Meditation can seem like quite the challenge — sitting alone in silence flooded by your own thoughts, yet not letting your thoughts distract from your breath. No need to overwhelm yourself with a mandatory 30 minutes of meditation to start. In fact, you can meditate in short, one-minute spurts and build […]

Dancing may benefit your brain

Dancing may benefit your brain Could country line dancing protect your brain from aging? A new study compared the neurological effects of country dancing with walking and other activities. Findings suggest that learning a social dance places demands on the mind and body that could make it unusually potent at slowing some of the seemingly inevitable signs of aging that occur inside […]

Give your brain permission to unwind

Give your brain permission to unwind Wrap up your day — Take five minutes to capture any loose ends on your to-do list and calendars. This can help reassure your brain that it does not need to keep scanning to remember these tasks.  Practice “going neutral” during the day — Set a reminder to cue yourself […]

Brain Injury and Recovery

Brain Injury and Recovery After experiencing a concussion or another brain injury, the brain must be allowed to recover in order to achieve the highest cognitive level and longest-lasting recovery. Recovery from a brain injury is a lifelong process and needs to be regularly monitored to make sure the impact stays in remission, similar to […]

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month One type of brain injury is Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI. TBI occurs when an individual sustains an injury to the head and internal brain damage results. The damage may be restricted to a small specific area of the brain or may be more serious and involve more comprehensive […]

Brain Health Strategies for Each Life Stage

Brain Health Strategies for Each Life Stage If you could peek inside your brain at every birthday, you’d see that it’s constantly changing. Brain cells develop and disappear, the connections between them strengthen and weaken over time, even the size of the brain can change as the years go by. But keeping the brain in […]

Nature May Help You Sleep Better

Nature May Help You Sleep Better Having your eyes glued to various screens before bed (watching TV, surfing smart phones and tablets, etc.) could be interrupting your sleep patterns and causing restlessness. Researchers have uncovered more evidence to suggest that the solution to these sleeping woes could be as simple as spending more time outdoors […]

Stay Curious

Stay Curious Push yourself in fresh directions. Learn a new language, how to play an instrument or dive deeper into a hobby you already enjoy. It’s never too early or too late to focus on your brain health. It’s always important to stay mentally and physically active, challenge your thinking and get moving at any age. Source: […]

Mind-body Practices Can Ease Early Memory Loss

Mind-body Practices Can Ease Early Memory Loss A recent pilot study from West Virginia University suggests that two simple mind-body practices – meditation and listening to music – may reduce early memory loss in older adults who have subjective cognitive decline (SCD) – a condition that may represent a preclinical stage of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers […]