Brain Disease

Science Daily: Unravelling a mystery cause of multiple sclerosis

Ahead of MS Awareness Week, an international team of researchers has discovered a new cellular mechanism — an underlying defect in brain cells — that may cause the disease, and a potential hallmark that may be a target for future treatment of the autoimmune disorder. (April 24, 2017) Read the full article here

The Washington Post: Study links diet soda to higher risk of stroke, dementia

Americans trying to stay healthy have abandoned sugary drinks for diet drinks in droves over the past few decades on the theory that the latter is better than the former. Now, more evidence has emerged to refute that rationale. Indeed, a new study shows an association between diet soda and both stroke and dementia, with people […]

CNN: Preparing to fly with kids with autism

Flying can be tough for even an experienced traveler, but for those with developmental disabilities, including autism, the experience can be overwhelming. That’s why The Arc, a US organization devoted to assisting people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, sponsors a program for kids and their parents that recently took place in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport […]

Science Daily: Money a barrier to independence for young adults with autism

When teenagers and young adults with autism enter adulthood and age out of many of the services designed to help them, they often are anxious about how to handle new adult responsibilities such as paying bills and filing taxes. These findings highlight the importance of incorporating financial management into early education to empower young adults […]